California Reimbursement Q & A

The California Reimbursement Q & A is a CPMA website resource exclusively for members featuring question responses authored by Harry Goldsmith, DPM.

How does the service work?
CPMA members are invited to e-mail their questions about reimbursement issues to Harry Goldsmith, DPM of Podiatric Medical Review Consultants.

Dr. Goldsmith will review all questions, and will post selected questions and his response on the CPMA website in the California Reimbursement Q & A section. Questions should pertain to third party payment and managed care issues.

He reserves the right to edit questions for clarity and brevity. The identity of the questioner will not be posted.

About Dr. Goldsmith
Dr. Goldsmith is the former chairman of the CPMA’s Insurance and Patient Relations Committee. He currently is a member of the APMA CPT Coding Committee as well as ACFAS’s Nomenclature and Coding Committee. Dr. Goldsmith is a consultant to over 20 national insurers and third party payers including Transamerica Occidental Medicare in Southern California. He is the Director of Medical Affairs for Footcare Centers of America.

To view Dr. Goldsmith’s informative articles, please visit the CPMA website and select Member Resources.

Source: California Podiatric Medical Association